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Jambore Sahabat Anak XXI, 2017

Jambore Sahabat Anak (JSA) akan diadakan kembali bersama 800 anak-anak maginal di wilayah Jabodetabek dan akan didampingi oleh 400 kakak pendamping dari berbagai daerah.

JSA XXI tahun ini akan diadakan pada:
Sabtu-Minggu, 22-23 Juli 2017
@Bumi Perkemahan Ragunan, Jakarta

Tahun ini, Sahabat Anak mengangkat isu Hak Anak untuk Mendapatkan Perlindungan dengan tema


Berbagai aktivitas seru akan dilakukan dan dirasakan oleh adik bersama kakak pendamping di Jambore ini selama 2 hari penuh berkegiatan.
Mulai dari berkeliling ke pos-pos acara, bernyanyi yel-yel di tengah siang yang menyengat, menunggu adik yang susah untuk mandi, makan pagi, siang dan malam bersama, tidur dalam 1 tenda, bertukar cerita dan menjadi teman bermain akan menjadi moment-moment bahagia yang mengharukan dan bahkan tidak akan terlupakan.

Selain menjadi kakak pendamping, sahabat juga bisa berpartisipasi mendukung JSA tahun ini dengan cara:
a.    Menjadi sahabat donatur untuk membantu pemenuhan kebutuhan dana
b.    Menjadi sahabat donatur untuk membantu pengadaan saranan dan prasran kegiatan JSA.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut dapat menghubungi:
Sekretariat Sahabat Anak
Telp: 021-3918505
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Atau jika sahabat ingin langsung berdonasi dapat mentransfer donasi ke nomor rekening:
a/n Yay Komunitas Sahabat Anak Jkt
Bank BCA KCU Kalimalang 2303444432
Bank Mandiri KCP Jkt RSCM 1220006015815

Jambore Sahabat Anak XVII

We need 250 volunteers to become a companion for 500 marginalized children and help them achieve their dreams. Are you that person?

In 2012, around one thousand street children filled out our Dream Survey, and 500 of them said the first thing that came to their minds is: Pursuing a better life and future and have a positive character. In 2013, we want to educate them that they have to be brave to pursue their dreams. It takes hard work, creativity and innovation; it is not easy, but it is not impossible.

Do you want to be a companion and a friend who help these children to realize their dream and pursue it? Join more than 200 volunteers to become a chaperon for 500 marginalized children in Jakarta and its surrounding areas, in our event, KADO – Karya Anak Indonesia (Indonesian Children’s Creation). KADO (which means gift in Indonesian) is a creativity and innovative event to push the aspiration of self-development for marginalized children. The campaign runs throughout 2013 with the theme: “I am valuable, I can create ”. This campaign is an effort to involve as many people as possible to spread Sahabat Anak movement and advocate children’s right to participate in national development.

Sahabat Anak Jamboree

SAHABAT ANAK activities began with the Street Children Jamboree (SCJ) in 1997. KDM Foundation (www.kdm.or.id), an organisation which had been serving street children since 1972, encouraged a number of volunteers consisting of college students, graduates and young professionals to become the organizing team of this event. The goal was simple, to commemorate National Children’s Day on the 23rd of July and care for street children. After that event, the volunteers organised a follow up event on Independence Day (17 August) and designed a special school for street children using the facilities at KDM’s boarding school in Pondok Gede.

The Jamboree turned out to be an effective way in reaching out to street children while also creating a safe environment to introduce them to members of society who really care for them. The volunteers quickly identified that there was a great need for marginalised communities and especially street children in Jakarta to be able to access education. Through education they would be able to boost their economic status and aim for a better future. It was at this time that the name of the Jamboree was changed from Street Children Jamboree to Sahabat Anak Jamboree (JSA) and became an annual event which created more follow up events.

Through the Jamboree the volunteers at Sahabat Anak are able to foster strong relationships with the children; this has helped Sahabat Anak identify the true needs of street children. Through our interactions with street children we aim to show them that they are special, that they are someone and that they can achieve their dreams. We are also able to teach them about basic hygiene (such as washing their hands, how to use soap and how to brush their teeth), manners, social norms and provide them with positive role models (the chaperones).

Sahabat Anak Jamboree XVI
Buper Ragunan, 7-8 July 2012

Not Afraid to Have a Say

In commemoration of National Children’s Day (23 July), Sahabat Anak once again held the Sahabat Anak Jamboree. The Jamboree is a two day, one night event which involves 1000 street children and 500 volunteer chaperones. This year the theme was “Share your Dreams”, in line with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of The Child (20th of November 1989) which state that childre have the right to participate and express their opinion.

For the last five months the staff and volunteers at Sahabat Anak have been busy preparing for the Jamboree, from choosing the dates, location, choosing a concept, contacting the areas who were invited, looking for 500 volunteers and fund raising to fulfill all the needed resources. Everything was prepared by the Organizing Team who willingly volunteered their time in the midst of their own personal lives. The organizing process went well thanks to everyone who helped distribute the vouchers, as one of our fund raising efforts, and contact sponsors. Every single detail was carefully thought of so that the children could thoroughly enjoy this meaningful two day experience.

Sahabat Anak Jamboree