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An Informal School for Street Teens

The Children’s Activity Centre (Pusat Kegiatan Anak - PKA) began when Sahabat Anak realized that most of the street teens attending the tutorial areas were not able to attend a high school or had never attended a school in their life. As the street teens were unable to access any formal education, it became apparent to Sahabat Anak that something needed to be done.

Therefore, in 2006, with only four secondhand computers, four teachers, some simple educational material, a rough curriculum and a couple of empty rooms at the Sahabat Anak Secretariat, the Children’s Activity Centre (PKA) began.

The long term goal is that through education the PKA students would be able to realize their inner potential. By realizing their potential they are able to become independent individuals, capable of envisaging a better future. During the first year of the PKA 20 students were enlisted. All of the students came from one of Sahabat Anak’s Tutorial areas or partner organisations. In the second year the numbers reached 25 and currently Sahabat Anak enrolls 25 students each year.

Classes are from Monday-Friday, 9 am to 3pm. The school has been moved to a rented house behind Sahabat Anak’s secretariat. The school consists of partitioned classrooms, a tutor’s room, a library, a kitchen for cooking classes and a store room. The subjects consist of science, social studies, Bahasa Indonesian, math, English, dance, music and sport. They are also taught life-skills such as, culinary skills, mechanical skills, computer skills, handicraft, modern agriculture, make-up styling and character building.

Each PKA student is provided with transportation money, lunch (which they sometimes cook together) and free study materials, including the registration fee for the Kejar Paket Test. The Kejar Paket Test is a test for those who wish to return to formal education, whether primary or secondary school.  Since the beginning of PKA six students have returned to formal education, four students have transferred into Modern Agriculture and one has become an assistant teacher to teach the junior students at PKA.

PKA’s Cooking Class

“Lower Cost, Higher Taste”

One of the educative programs in PKA/Child Activity Centre (a non-formal school for street teenagers) is Cooking Class, assisted by Mbak Wendy, a generous woman nearby who enthusiastic accept Sahabat Anak request for guiding the students every school days. Some donators have delivered rice, canned tuna, and other ingredients.