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Scholarship Program:
Thank you to the donors who have already committed to being big brothers or sisters for the children at Sahabat Anak. Because of your donations marginalised children in Jakarta now have the opportunity to continue with their schooling. Each child on the sponsorship program receives Rp. 150.000 each month.

The scholarships program is one of the yearly programs at Sahabat Anak. The primary goal of the scholarship program is to help children who attend our weekly tutorial classes continue with formal education. The scholarships cover the following:

I. Education
Education is divided into 3 major areas of need:

  • School fees: not all children receive money from the Government assistance program which is supposed to cover all school fees. Therefore, the scholarship will cover this cost.
  • Books: at the beginning of each semester students have to buy their books. We provide the money for the students to buy their books monthly so that they can purchase what they need.
  • Photocopy costs: the program covers costs for photocopying homework assignments, review exercises and tests.

II. Health
Once a month a health check-up is provided for the children on the program. This is done in order to keep tabs on the health of the children. We also provide information sessions on healthy living for the children.

III. Counseling (children and parents)
Once a month we visit the homes of the children who are on the scholarship program. This enables us to understand what home life is like for our children. We are then able to provide advice or counseling services for the children and their families.
Through this program we hope that less and less children will be living on the streets. Thank you to all of those who are willing to trust us and work together with us in order to support this program. God bless you.

Scholarship Donations:
If you would like to support Sahabat Anak’s scholarship program, please transfer money to the account below and state that it is for the Scholarship program.  

Nama Rekening: Yay Komunitas Sahabat Anak Jkt
Bank: BCA Kalimalang, Jakarta
Account Number: 230-355-5536
Swift Code: CENAIDJA

If you do not have an Indonesian bank account, please call the Sahabat Anak Secretariat: (62-21) 391 8505, for information on other ways you can donate or support our cause.  
For those who would like to become a sponsor parent for one child at Sahabat Anak, please fill-in the form below.

*For safety reasons, we ask that you print this form and return it by fax to
the Central Office of Sahabat Anak – 021-31934172