Email: info@sahabatanak.com

How to participate?

Perhaps you don’t live in Jakarta, or you don’t live in close to one of our tutorial areas. That’s ok. You can still participate in the Sahabat Anak Movement by:


  • Supporting Sahabat Anak Day – February 17 each year.
  • Volunteering at the annual Sahabat Anak Jamboree.
  • Volunteer with an organisation in you area that helps marginalised children
  • Volunteer at a local school to help children with special needs


  • Advocate for children’s rights in your area
  • Raise awareness – tell your friends about the issues that marginalised and street children face every day. Tell them about Sahabat Anak’s “Stop Beri Uang” campaign.
  • Write a letter to your local politician about the issues that street children are facing.
  • Be ‘friends’ with Facebook groups that defend children’s rights


  • Hold a fundraiser and donate the money to an organisation helping marginalised children.
  • Buy Sahabat Anak’s merchandise