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Working Hard Despite the Loud Trains

Sahabat Anak Tanah Abang began as a follow up to the 2006 Sahabat Anak Jamboree. It is located alongside the train tracks between Palmerah Station and Tanah Abang Station, near the Pejompongan water gate. Despite the condition and location of the study house the children are still eager to study there. Their smiles, laughter and greetings always fill the study house each afternoon. The learning activities are not only initiated by the volunteers but are also initiated by the high school and college students. Through this process we hope that the students are given a sense of responsibility to help create lessons and activities. We also hope that each student continues to grow in their consciousness about the importance of education so that they fight hard to achieve their dreams.

At the moment SA Tanah Abang has approximately 60 children and have had two classes of children graduate from high school. Two of those graduates are now at university.

Monday to Friday from 4 pm - 5.30 pm
Saturday & Sunday from 2.00 pm - 5.30 pm

Volunteers: Ancis, Iyes, Heri, Hotman, Anto, Vania, Gustaf, Ramya, Tomy

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"From One Friend to Another"

The Sahabat Anak Tanah Abang Art Appreciation Night (Pentas Apresiasi Seni) was held on 1 October 2011, with the theme “From One Friend to Another”. This theme really left a big impression on the children who performed that night. The fancy decoration and lighting was designed by our beloved volunteers kak Ekin and the team from MNC. It really added a fascinating touch to each performance. Sugi Yanti, one of Tanah Abang’s former students and coordinator for the event, shared the experience of organising this event with us. She said, “There are many difficulties that the children face in preparation for this night, starting from sparing time from their school work, finding the funding and memorizing all the songs and dance steps. But all the hard work paid off, because of the joy we felt during the performances.”

Your Dream is Real

“Your Dream is Real” is a competition designed to motivate the children at SA Tanah Abang to study harder and be optimistic about reaching their dreams. Your Dream is Real tries to inspire the children so they do not give up even though it can be hard to reach our dreams. The prize for the winners of this competition will be worth the struggle. The winners will be taken to a whole new environment where they will stay in nice accommodation and get to experience something new.

This reward is chosen carefully so that it will leave a lasting impression in the children minds. We hope that this special experience will always be remembered in their minds and it will remind them to never give up on reaching a brighter future.

Working World Workshop
Work Smart or Work Hard?

Everyone who has finished school wants to be successful in and achieve their dream job, so do the children from Sahabat Anak. That is why, on the 5th of February 2012 at PT Jalamasa Berkatama Cideng, Central Jakarta, Sahabat Anak Tanah Abang held the Working World Workshop with the theme “Work Smart or Work Hard?”. The objective of this workshop was to introduce the students to the concept of a professional work environment and the usual recruitment process.

The workshop provided the participants with tips and interesting information about working in a professional environment. This included how to write a good application letter, curriculum vitae (CV), and insights on how employers selected their future employees through interviews and psychology tests. The students were also given the opportunity to make their own application letter, search for jobs online and from print media, do a psychology test and practice being interviewed.

The workshop also provided useful information about the rights and obligation of an employee, in the hope that they would understand what they deserve to have and what they are obliged to do according to the Indonesian Law. This workshop on how to enter the workforce was good preparation for me and others who are studying at university and will soon be applying for jobs.

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