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Background of SA Manggarai

Kampus Diakoneia Modern (KDM) began tutorial classes in Manggarai in 1999, in a study house at Kebon Sirih. The first thing we did was get to know the children who were hanging out around the Manggarai Bus Terminal.

Then in 2002, after the 6th Street Children’s Jamboree the tutorial classes were officially handed over to Sahabat Anak. The children were always eager to come and study, even though we did not have a large number of volunteers and we were forced to move a number of times. First we moved to a borrowed hall in a mosque and then to a local citizen’s house, which we rented.

Unfortunately in 2007, Sahabat Anak Manggarai was evicted from the study house which we had been renting.  This forced the tutorial classes to stop momontarily. The volunteers then moved the location to Suropati Park, Jakarta Pusat by picking up the children and taking them there. We were then given a place to study at a security post in South Manggarai. At that time 10 volunteers taught 60 children who came every week and we would then visit other children in the area after classes.

In October 2011, the tutorial classes finally moved to a local Youth Secretariat in North Manggarai which is where we still hold classes today. The secretariat administor was willing to lend us the house every Sunday afternoon as study place for marginalized children. There are now more than 100 children attending the class, ranging from 4 years old until 12 years old. We now have more than 30 volunteers who teach the children. Some foreigners from Japan and India have also come to help teach the children. Other than tutorial classes we also help the children with exam preparation and reading, writing and counting, we also teach manners and health education. The volunteers are provided with teaching material based on a school curriculum.

We now also have English classes which take place in a borrowed kindergarten room, across from Manggarai station. There are 20 children who attend this class with  four teachers.


  1. Sekretariat Karang Taruna Manggarai Utara, Jl. Manggarai Utara V RT 05/01
    Every Sunday from 3.30pm to 5.00 pm
  2. Multipurpose room in RT 04 Manggarai (in front of a large garbage container, across from Manggarai station)

English class for children in grade 3 and 4
Every Friday, twice a month from 7.00pm – 9.00 pm

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Mote Ibu = Segelas Susu

Sahabat Anak Manggarai memiliki kerinduan untuk membantu para adik dalam pelajaran sekolah dan meningkatkan kesadaran akan pentingnya pemenuhan nutrisi kepada para ibu dan adik di masa pertumbuhan seperti mereka.

Kami rindu untuk memberikan ketrampilan bagi para ibu sehingga dapat mengisi waktu senggangnya dengan lebih produktif para adik lebih memilih mengkonsumsi makanan sehat dibandingkan menghabiskan uang membeli snack berbahan pengawet atau MSG dan bermain games (playstation).

Manggarai – Movie Day

Watching ‘Laskar Pelangi’  movie together

Manggarai Tutorial

Friends, below is the sharing from Manggarai tutorial who sometime ago watched the movie ‘Laskar Pelangi’ together with the Manggarai children. This story is shared by Sisca, one of Manggarai Tutorial volunteers.