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GROGOL: Under the highway bridge

Sahabat Anak Grogol began after the 2001 Sahabat Anak Jamboree. SA Grogol is located right under the Grogol highway bridge (between Ciputra Mal and Trisakti University). Around 120 children attend the tutorial sessions on a regular basis. The Grogol volunteers frequently approach the street children who hang out around the nearby traffic lights and ask them if they would like to attend the tutorial session.

At the beginning of each new school semester, SA Grogol always holds a Cheap Book Bazaar. SA Grogol also holds an event around Lebaran, called the Cheap 9-Main Meal and Clothes. Free medical check ups, cooking classes and typing lessons are also conducted periodically.

Number of Children: 120

Rumah Karya Grogol
Jl. Hemat Raya RT 006/03 No 2 SES,
Kecamatan Grogol Petamburan, Kelurahan Jelambar, Jakarta barat

Saturday : 9 am - 4 pm
Sunday: 2 pm - 4 pm

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Ph: (021) 391 8505

SA Grogol’s hunt to Bogor

The photography class would not be completed without a photo hunting session. The session was very useful for the class participants to have more opportunities for practice. Participants  learned to take pictures from the daily situations they encounter.

On Saturday, May 9 2009, the participants of the SAGrogol photography class went to Bogor. The group left from Grogol at 9 a.m. to the Beos station. From the station the group went to Bogor by the Pakuan Express train.

I am now off the street

Testimonial of Ita:

An SMK Arrahman Tangerang 10-grader. One of the children in SA Grogol. She stopped singing on the street. To pursue better life

An SMK Arrahman Tangerang 10th grader, one of the children in SA Grogol,  she stopped singing on the streetto pursue better life

Hello friend, my name is Ita. Currently I am a 10th grader at SMK Arrahman Tangerang. I have participated in the SA-Grogol tutorial since 2002.

I am grateful that the volunteers taught me lessons from school like mathematics, science and social science. When I attended accounting school, most of the lesson I received is about accounting.

My family is poor. I have two brothers and a sister, Yusuf, Iis and Arif. All of us used to sing on the street at Grogol, Tomang or Pesing traffic lights. We also sang in public busses.

SA Grogol FUNDAY with Flowgi

Flowgi and SA-Grogol

June is always a fun month, because it is the holiday month.

However, this June was special because on June 22, 2008, (volunteer group) Flowgi collaborated with SA Grogol to give a different Sunday for our young friends by conducting an event called “FUNDAY”.

Our friends usually have their weekly tutorial class under Grogol Fly Over on Sunday every 2 – 4 P.M. After few months of preparation, Flowgi and Sahabat Anak volunteers collaborated to create a fun day for our friends.

When will the next Jambore, Kak?

My name is Muhammad Abdillah, but you can call me Aab.  I am 11 years old.  Everyday you can find me here at the intersection of Grogol-Citraland from 6 in the morning until 9 o’clock at night. I sing on public transportation for money.  My asset…, is this small guitar. My dad made it for me. He also sings for money. But he goes further away. For me, I the farthest I wander is to the Roxy (name of a plaza).

I make an ok wage. At the end of the day, I can take home about Rp 20,000. If it’s a Sunday or a holiday, I can get up to Rp 40,000!  I give it all to my mom. Not bad forpaying the daily bills of our family. My house is small, like a hut! We all sleep in one room. Dad, mom, myself and my three younger siblings.  If you go by, come on in for a sec, Kak Here in Kampung Duri, Cengkareng.