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Gambir - Open Class

SA Gambir began in response to the 2002 Sahabat Anak Jamboree. The children who attend are from the Gambir train station area and Monas area.

The total number of children tutored is around 80. Some of the children who attend our tutorial classes do not attend school and most of the children have a low literacy and numeracy abilities.

At the end of each tutorial session the volunteers provide nutritious meals for the children, such as, milk, green beans, pudding and biscuits in order to add extra nutrition into the children’s diet.

Number of Children: 80

Sunday: 3pm

Balai Warga Pengambon
Jl. Pejambon I, RT 001/001
Kel. Gambir

Care takers: Dina, Debby
Volunteers: Aiwa, Fitri, Siska, Uli, Jauhar, Gunawan, Gerald, Febri

Contact us for more information:

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Ph: (021) 391 8505

RNC Goes to Gambir

The Red Nose Circus (RNC) visited children in Gambir to train them in circus skills. RNC is a non-profit foundation that focuses on providing circus skills to marginal children to build their self esteem. RNC has consistently given the training for five weeks. The training started on October 24, 2010. RNC team – led by Dan Roberts – would spend one hour and teach the children how to spin the plates, throw rings, and acrobats.

Smile For Children Of Merapi

First, on behalf of our team at Sahabat Anak Gambir we would like to convey our thanks to the friends who have trusted us to channel the fund to Merapi. We did not expect that the fund raising would meet such an enthusiastic response. We have distributed the aid for Merapi in four phases. We coordinated with our friends at Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT) and 1001 Buku (1001 Books – an organization that focuses providing books for under privileged young people).

A visit from a friend from Japan

On Sunday, July 12th, 2009, SA Gambir was busy with activities as usual. A number of the children were preparing for Sahabat Anak Jamboree 2009.

Amidst these preparations, two guests arrived to visit SA Gambir. They were special because one of them came all the way from Japan. Yakub (a friend from GPIB Paulus) took his friend Mr. Nakanishi Masami to see the lives of Gambir’s street children.

Nonton Film DENIAS Bersama Anak Anak Gambir

Sebelum Nonton
Suasana Nonton

Pada tanggal 1 Februari’09, SA Gambir mengadakan acara nonton bareng film “Denias”. Acara ini dilangsungkan di Kantor SA Pusat yang beralamat di JL.Tambak II no. 23, Jakarta Pusat.

Kakak-kakak sukarelawan telah bersiap mengumpulkan adik-adik sejak pk.11.00. Para sukarelawan dibagi menjadi dua kelompok. Kak Uli, Kak Yanto, Kak Debby mengumpulkan adik-adik di Gambir. Sedangkan Kak Merry, Kak Mozez, Kak Yusi dan Kak Dina mempersiapkan makan siang untuk adik-adik di rumah Kak Merry. Acara nonton ini juga dibarengi pemberian makanan sehat bagi adik-adik. Menu makan sehat kali ini adalah nasi uduk, ayam goreng, telur dan tempe (yummiii :p)