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Borrowed Classrooms at Cijantung

After the 2004 Sahabat Anak Jamboree, the children who would normally hang out around Cijantung Mall and Pasar Rebo showed an interest in studying. The Sahabat Anak Volunteers responded quickly and established a regular tutorial program there.

Now 70 children regularly attend our tutorial programw. The classrooms we use have been kindly lent to us by SMK Mardhi Bakti. Each semester SA Cijantung holds a meeting for the parents in order to report back to the

The Theater Show by Marginalized Children “Kreasi Anak Negeri 3”

In Jakarta, on Sunday 17st of March 2013 Yayasan Sahabat Anak held a marginalized children theater show called “Kreasi Anak Negeri 3” (KAN). The event has been held annually for the past three years and it’s performed by one of the tutorial area of Sahabat Anak, Sahabat Anak Cijantung (SAC).

The theme of KAN 3 was “Jelajah Nusantara”. This theme was chosen by volunteers in Sahabat Anak Cijantung as they see many children who still doesn’t know about the Indonesian archipelago such as the provinces Indonesia, traditional houses, tradition tools, religions, ethnic groups, and race.

This year’s title performance of “Mustika Nusantara” included 60 kids, 10 volunteers, and 40 profesional volunteers.

The performance tells the story of three naughty boys whose punishment from Dewi Tara and Barong was to finds five Mustika Nusantara located in several regions in Indonesia, like West Sumatera, Bali, Central  Java, Maluku, and Borneo.

This Show was directed by Budi Jasin, his name is familiar in Indonesian theater and Budi Santoso has been a permanent instructor of KAN for the last years.

KAN 3 was held at Salihara Theater to introduce Sahabat Anak mission to the public. A total of 220 tickets were sold for Rp. 75.000,- and there were no empty audience seats. Many positive responses from the public were received.

The expectation from this event was to change public stereotype about street kids from an image of sloopy, uneducated, and naughty to a positively image of being valuable and talented if we give them the opportunity to develop.

See you at next performance Kreasi Anak Negeri 4
Salam Nusantara!!

Parents Meeting


On November 30'08, Sahabat Anak (SA) Cijantung held the fourth Parents Meeting, outside the children’s learning premises. This wass the second time the Cijantung Children’s Parents Meeting was conducted at the Kampus Diakonia Modern Foundation Friendship land in Cileungsi. It adopted the theme “My Children My Family”.

Children = Money Machine (NO WAY!)

Bimbel Cijantung began as part of the follow-up from the Street Children’s Jambore that was held in conjunction with the National Children’s Rights Day in July 2002. Since then there has been a tight-knit relationship, one that is fairly intense, between us (the executive committee and chaperones from that Jambore) and the children of the Cijantung area. The children are highly motivated to study, both the children that are still in school and those who have already dropped out. So we thought we should provide them with a routine place of tutoring. This activity has continued until the present every Sunday from 3 pm – 5 pm.

A Dream Come True!

The children of Sahabat Anak Cijantung (SA Cijantung) have faced challenges throughout the eight years of its existence, including pressures to live on the street due to their families’ financial situation after the fuel price hike. These young souls were treated as money generating tools for their parents. Some were forced to sing on the streets until odd hours to meet their daily target income.

We, SA Cijantung, started from a dream to start a program for the children we found difficult to reach in our tutorial program. Those who are of school age and full of potential. We see 20-30 children spent most or even all of their time on the street.