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Birth Certificates for marginalized children in Muara Baru – Penjaringan, North Jakarta

To this day, Sahabat Anak (SA) has helped the fulfillment of Indonesian children’s rights for numerous times. One of them is the right to identity; the obtaining of birth certificate. In recent time, SA assisted the marginalized people in Muara Baru, Penjaringan, North Jakarta to obtain birth certificates for their children.

In collaboration with Lentera Anak Pelangi and the local officials, SA started the project in November 2015. The project was to counsel the people about the process of obtaining birth certificates.

The aim of the counseling session was to increase the awareness on the importance of birth certificate; to socialize the UU No. 24/2013 on Population Administration; to motivate and educate the people so they can independently obtain their children’s birth certificates. After the counseling session, all the required documents were checked and verified so if there were any incomplete requirements they would figure out a solution.

The Advocacy Team not only counseled and assisted the people to obtain birth certificate, but also trained a small group of local people so they could help their friends to check the required documents. Those selected people were also made as cadre in that region. Therefore, the information regarding the process of obtaining birth certificate would be effectively passed on.

There were more than 100 documents needed to be registered from RT 017. Most of them were registered by the local people themselves, and the rest, around 46 Birth Certificates, were registered through the assistance of SA.

The issuance process took almost 5 months. On 18 March 2016, the Birth Certificates for the children of Muara Baru, Penjaringan were finally issued. It was a blessing to see their smiles when they finally received one of their basic rights: a birth certificate.

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