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Let’s be their friends

Based on the experience of many of Sahabat Anak’s volunteers when dealing with street children, they have concluded that it is not just material things that they need. Special care, a willingness to listen, taking time to chat and giving them compassion are the real essential needs of less fortunate children. They need someone to be a FRIEND.

Most philanthrophic acts only focus on the tip of the iceberg. Giving out free meals, free medical checkups and taking them to amusement parks all have temporary effects. Hunger will return after finishing the meal. They will eat unhealthy food again once they run out of the vitamins given. Solitude strikes again when they return to their  humble house.

Friends of Children – Blue Ribbon
Anyone who is concerned by their situation and wants to take part in being friends with street children in Jakarta and its surroundings – come and join us. Various programs and activities with education as the main focus, are open to anyone who wants to be involved. Let’s join hundreds of other volunteers who have taken action.

Sahabat Anak’s Blue Ribbon is a symbol of caring and being willing to befriend and mentor the under-privileged children. The color blue is soft and peaceful, and it represents friendship. A relationship based on endless love, as high as the blue sky and as deep as the ocean.

Let’s pin this symbol, so that when we meet somewhere we can recognize each other by wearing the blue ribbon.

Welcome, dear friends............